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10 Ways to Prepare Your House for Sale

The better your home is presented to buyers, the more money you will net from the sale. Here are 10 ways to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

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It is important to know that a buyer is primarily driven by location and price. The better your home is presented to potential buyers, the more money you will net. We want every buyer that looks at your home to feel that same excitement that you did when you purchased it. That feeling of excitement starts from approaching the front door. Here is a quick check list of the 10 most important items to help you:

  1. The Yard

Mow, blow, trim and weed your lawn. Apply fresh Texas Black Mulch to the flower beds. Your yard is the welcome mat buyers see when they pull up to your home.

  1. The Walkways

Pressure wash the walkways, driveways and exterior of your home. This fresh look will give a home a shiny new finish. This added detail will set the tone of the home and make buyers excited to continue inside.

  1. The Entry Way

Make sure the entry way is de-cluttered, smells good, and is well lit. (Don’t forget to change all your lightbulbs!)

  1. Paint Color

Repaint your home and all rooms. Neutral colors make it easier for buyers to visualize their belongings in your home. Remember to clean and paint the baseboards if needed.

  1. The Floor

If the carpets are worn, don’t hesitate to professionally clean or replace them. There are companies that wait to charge until you have closed your home. This helps invest in a clean look that can go a long way.

  1. Windows

Repair, replace and wash fogged windows. Remove window screens and stack them safely in the garage. This refresh helps let in extra light. Take down any blackout curtains so the home is bright and airy.

  1. Declutter

Live on the bare bones. Take down personal photos and items. Try to use gender neutral decor around the house. Take magnets off the fridge and any personal touch. Decluttering helps the buyer visualize their belongings in a home.

  1. Deep Clean

Get out the elbow grease and scrub the bathrooms. Use fresh caulk on the tubs and showers. Replace the shower door seals and make sure the spouts and shower heads are clean and in working condition.

  1. Appliances

Now is the time to replace those old appliances in the kitchen. You will get your money back by replacing the fridge, dish washer, etc. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two spaces that help make or break a home.

  1. The Backyard

Don’t forget to set the stage in the backyard as well. Try landscaping and staging the patio. Put all the toys away and pick up after the dogs. As an added bonus, replace the sod and put down fresh mulch.

Now I know what you are thinking…”I should have done this ages ago”. Hold on to that thought. When you have multiple offers because of the well prepared home, you will see staging is worth it.


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